There is a a knife for that

Who doesn't remember this famous slogan from Steve Jobs: «there is an app for that». In the kitchen, the variety of ingredients and types of cooking preparations also require a complete set tools adapted for each need. Here is a summary of the most comm

Vegetable Knives

The classic vegetable knife has a short blade that allows for precise and decorative work, to cut the vegetables and remove unwanted parts.


A more specialized knife is the peeling knife or peeler, it has a sort of bird-beak-shaped blade used to peel vegetables.


The tomato knife has multiple features on its blade to prepare tomatoes: the serrated blade goes through the tomato skin to slice without effort while the fork tip allows picking the tomato pieces easily after.


A decorative knife can also be a good addition to your kitchen tools. The wave-shaped blade allows you to create original shapes of your carrots, zuccini or cut individual portions of butter to serve at the table.


Meat Knives

The larding knife also known as tranchelard or slicing knife is THE knife to slice meat, roasts, ham, whether they are raw or cooked. A must-have in your kitchen in my opinion, as it complements well a multipurpose chef knife.


The boning knife is designed for removing bones from chicken, poultry, birds or other types of meat. It is particularly useful to remove fat or tendons.


The meat fork is not a knife per se but is a useful complement of a meat knife.


Fish Knives

The sole filet knife has a flexible blade that allows cutting very thin slices of fish or meat.


The salmon knife, with its thin and long blade with a round tip, is the ultimate tool to make thin slices of fish, and not only salmon ;-)


Pastry Knives

The long and flexible blade of the spatula is not for cutting, but to spread cream, dough and icing on pastries. It is also useful to flip crepes and pancakes


The bread knife has a serrated blade that will cut through any bread crust, thick or thin, soft or hard. An unusual use of this knife that you should know, the bread knife is good to cut through pork skin!


If there can be only one knife

The chef knife is the most polyvalent. Its mid-size blade is easy to handle and perfect to cut and mince meat, fish, fruits and vegetables. If there is one knife you must have in your kitchen, start with this one before going for more specialized ones.



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