Which is the spiciest chili in the world?

From the lame Bell Pepper to the deadly Pepper X, we have ranked different varieties of chili peppers based on their spiciness, measured from zero up to three millions SHU on the Scoville hot pepper scale of spiciness.

How do we measure the spiciness of chili pepper?

The strength of a chilli pepper depends on its concentration of capsaicinoids, a chemical compound of the alkaloid family that produces this burning sensation in the mouth. Wilbur Scoville, an American pharmacist, invented a measurement method named after him to classify peppers according to their strength. It is based on the principle of gradually diluting the peppers to be evaluated in sweetened water, until the tasters can no longer distinguish the spiciness.

Which is the spiciest chili in the world?

Officially, the Carolina Reaper produced in the United States is the hottest pepper in the world, registering a score of over 1.6 million SHU in the Guinness World Records. However, Pepper X, also produced in the United States, is reputed to be the strongest with over 3 million SHU. But, as of 2020, this measure has not yet been officially approved by the Guinness World Records.

A ranking of chili types by spiciness on the Scoville scale

Below is a ranking of the varieties of peppers according to their degree of strength. This classification lists famous peppers such as the Habanero, the Bird Pepper, the Jalapeño or the Piment d'Espelette. But it will also make you discover more exotic varieties such as the Black Cobra and its dark black color, the Brazilian Cheiro Roxa and its rosy colors or even the Trinidad Scorpion chocolate brown in color.

Infographics Chili Ranking Scoville Scale


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