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Harn Ping Ped Salabeer

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This place is one of the best grilled duck restaurants in Luang Namtha. It has been here for many years and most of local people know it very well. The owner has his own secret recipe to marinate the duck and the pork before grilling them on the charcoal, that's why every bite is crispy, juicy and tasty. The suggested menu is the grilled duck, the blood jelly salad (exotic), the grilled pork skin, and the grilled pork organs. The sauces are also another highlight: liver sauce and tamarind sauce, both delicious 😋 It is crowded every day, so please come early or call to order or book in advance to make sure you get a spot. This place should not be missed if you visit Luang Namtha.

Recommended menu: ping ped, leuad peng ped

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