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Khao Leng Feun Zap Mae Nang Si

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The street food place of Mae Nang Si has been opened for more than 20 years. Its famous dish is the Khao Leng Feun, it is a sort of rice noodles with a fermented bean broth and chili. This dish is the signature of Lao northern food. 😋 The price per bowl is only 3,000 Kip. The best way to eat is to eat with all side dishes such as the steamed eggs, crackers, rice crackers, etc. 🥰 Then you should order cold and sweet sugar cane juice to cool you down from the spicy noodles 🌶 You can enjoy dining in or order via FoodPanda. This is the place to buy the best souvenir from Luang Namtha.

Recommended menu: khao laeng feun korn

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