Harn Tum Mee Dib Mae Thao Keo

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Have you ever eaten a salad of raw instant noodles? This menu is so unique and can be found in only one place in Thakhek, Khammuan province, and possibly in the entire world 😂. It has been opened for more than 30 years. Local people know this restaurant well, the shop is small and kept the same style for the past 30 years, the only difference is that now it is the daughter who prepares the food. The atmosphere is old style, and the place is crowded all the time. Locals say that it is a weird snack but actually good 😅.

Recommended menu: crispy instant noodle salad, thum mak houng (papaya salad)

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ຫູຍຍຍ... ຕຳໝີ່ດິບ ໄດ້ຍິນຊື່ການໍ້າລາຍໄຫລແລ້ວ ຢາກໄປຊິມ😋

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