Pork salad (Larb Moo)

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4 people · Medium · 40 min · Average

This minced pork salad (Larb Moo) is a delicious and typical Lao dish, you can follow this easy recipe to make this dish at home.



Step 1: Boil water about 1/2 L. Add a pinch of salt and pork liver, then boil until it's cooked, then take out, let it cool and slice thinly

Step 2: Cook minced pork in the pan with medium fire, add salt ½ tsp, stir it until cooked, then let it cool in the room temperature

Step 3: Mix minced pork, liver, and green beans with fish sauce, msg, lemon juice, roasted rice, chili, shallot, and garlic in the big bowl.

Step 4: Add all herbs that prepared and gently mix. Then taste it and ready to serve!

Tips: Add herbs just before serving to make the dish more fresh!


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