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Stir fried Beef Sandwich Lao style

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4 people · Easy · 30 min · Average

An iconic sandwich where a crispy French baguette meets the influence of the laotian tastes of coriander, black pepper, garlic and oinions to make minced beef simply delicious.



1. Marinate the beef with seasoning powder+oyster sauce+ground black pepper+thin soy sauce. Leave it 5 min.

2. After 5mn, stir fried garlic and onion with hot oil until yellow, then add marinated beef, cook about 3-5mns, let the sauce reduced too.

3. Transfer meat to the plate but keep it warm.

4. Cut the bread (baguette), spread butter+mayonnaise in the bread. Add cucumber+ tomato+salad. Then the cooked beef and topping with coriander and sprinkle with more pepper.

Ready to bite :)


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