Sukiyaki Sauce

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Do you want to make the famous Sukiyaki sauce at home? Try this delicious recipe, so easy to make



1. Blend finely peanuts with water and keep it.

2. Blend garlic and red shallots with vegetable oil.

3. Use a big pan to stir-fry the blended garlic and shallots until it brings aroma and becomes yellow. Then add paprika and stir-fry until it brings aroma again, then add fermented bean curd and stir-fry once more. Finally add coconut milk and the blended peanuts and all seasoning (at this stage, cook on low heat).

4. Keep cooking with low fire and stir from time to time until the sauce reduces and you can see clear red oil floating. The only adjust the taste, and turn off the heat.

Tip: the sauce should be sweet ,salty, and oily.


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