Khao nom naeb

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Khao nom naeb is a dessert that is wrapped with banana leaves. Lao people prepare it when there is a Buddhist ceremony. Typically, khao nom naeb has two different fillings: shredded coconut and split mung beans.


Flour dough

Split mung bean filling

Coconut shredded filling


  • 5 branches of banana leaves, cut into hexagon shape, then bring to steam to make it soft. Take out cool it down and wipe to dry it.
  • 1 small bowl of vegetable oil, to brush on the leaves before wrapping the dough


Prepare the split mung beans filling:

1. Clean split mung beans and soak in water at room temperature for about 3 to 4 hours.

2. Then drain the water and bring it to steam about 20 minutes (to check if it's cooked, use a thumb and a finger to squeeze it, if it's soft means it's ready). Take it out and put it into a mortar and mash it finely with a pestle.

3. Use a pan or wok, add oil and sugar heating with low fire, stir until the sugar is brown, then add water and keep boil until the sugar melts.

4. Add mashed split mung beans to the wok, stir until it becomes thick. Turn off the heat and leave it cool.

Prepare the shredded coconut filling:

1. In another pan, add sugar and stir with low heat until getting yellow color.

2. Add water, heat and stir until sugar melts. Then add shredded coconut, keep stirring with low heat until the coconut is mixed well with sugar, dry and become sticky. Turn off heat and leave it cool.

Prepare the flour dough:

1. Mix glutinous rice flour, rice flour, and salt. Add a bit of water to the mix of flour little by little, and knead until it mixed well together. Make small roll like egg size until you finished all.

2. Stuff the fillings (coconut or split mung beans) as you like.

3. Then use the banana leaves (spray or brush with vegetable oil before putting flour roll) to wrap each stuffed roll one by one until finished.

4. After finishing wrapping, bring them all to steam about 45 minutes or until the color of the flour beco,es clear.


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