Pork Ham Spicy Salad Lao style

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4 people · Easy · 40 min · Cheap

Let's make something light and spicy to eat today. So I am going to make pork ham spicy salad, today it's Lao seasoning style. Let's go!




1. Make the dressing first: in a bowl, put fresh chili, fresh garlic, lemongrass, pickle garlic, salt, sugar, MSG, lime, water, ketchup and chili sauce. Mix them well together.

2. In another big bowl, add white wood ear mushroom, carrot, yellow onion, pork ham. Then pour the dressing over and mix them together. Adjust the seasoning, and add green onion, Thai basil, coriander, and celery. Mix gently again and ready to serve. (you can also sprinkle roasted peanuts on top).


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