Lobster with crispy fried egg noodle

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No one like lobster in my house. Who wants to join me? Lobter with crispy fried egg noodle (tom hum mi xao gion).

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1. Cook the vegetables in boiling water for about 1-2 minutes. Rinse in cold water. Set aside.

2. Cook the lobster by tossing it in pieces with cornstarch and deep fried. Don’t over cook it.

3. Loosen up the egg noodle. Set aside

4. In a pan for deep fry. Add oil. Make sure it is enough for the noodles to expand. The size of your noodle needs to be adapter to the size of your oil pot. Make sure the oil is hot enough. Test it by dropping one piece of noodle in. If it floats up right away, then it’s ready. Put half of a bundle of noodles in and use chopsticks to shake it. So it can expand and puff bigger. Cook 3-5 second on each side.

5. Prepare the sauce: in a big pan add 1 tablespoon spoon of oil and garlic. When garlic turn slightly golden. Add chicken broth and ginger. When broth come to a boil add all your seasoning. Pour in your cornstarch mixture slowly to the thickness you prefer. Taste and adjust. Toss in the rest of your ingredients prepared before. Toss well and shut off. Enjoy :-)


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