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Omelette with green onions! (可以選取中文字幕喔)

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2 people · Easy · 10 min · Cheap

t's time to eat but are you running out of time ?! So let's go for this quick Taiwanese egg and onion recipe! It's too good !!!

In Taiwan EGGS WITH GREEN ONIONS are a side dish for rice. As these basic products are inexpensive, we eat them very often! And if we have not prepared rice, we also sometimes put the omelet between two slices of toast !!!

Good tasting !


Credit FB A table c'est Chiou, YT A table c'est Chiou




1. Finely chop the green onion, then put it in a bowl. Crack three eggs, then add salt and soy sauce before mixing well.

2. Take a pan, heat it well then pour in the oil. Pour in the preparation, stir and cook. After a short time, turn the omelette over, make sure it is golden brown.

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