Tofu with Hong chao (紅燒) sauce!

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Here is a dish that my mom often makes for dinner! With the mouth-watering flavor of 紅燒 hongshao sauce, no one can resist this tofu dish. The sauce is not hot, but made from soy, ginger and sugar.

And in fact ! In France, Wood ears / Jelly ears are more difficult to find so you can replace them with button mushrooms. In addition, if you like celery, you can cut it and add it at the same time as the onions, it will give a fresh taste to the dish!

Good tasting !


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1. Cut the green onions and separate the white and green parts. Cut the other ingredients to bite size. Reserve everything on a plate.

2. Cut the tofu into large cubes, then cover it partially with flour. Brown the tofu in an oiled pan. Keep warm once both sides are golden brown.

3. With the same pan, pour in the oil, add the carrots, onions and ginger, then the white parts of the green onions and the garlic. Fry until you get an irresistible smell, then add the mushrooms.

4. Add the doubanjiang paste and soy sauce, and water. After a minute, add the tofu and cook at least 2 sides of the tofu. Add the green part of the green onions.

5. Season with salt and sugar. During this time, mix a little flour with water then pour this preparation into the pan to thicken the sauce.

6. Serve in a plate. A table, c'est Chiou!

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