Cucumber pickles!

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With the heat in, it's time to introduce you to the perfect summer side dish, CUCUMBER PICKLES. At home they say that it is a very fun and relaxing preparation because you literally have to crush all the ingredients with force!

Ah! And don't add too much pepper, otherwise it will heat you up more than anything else;)

Good tasting !


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1. Cut the cucumbers into strips, then mash them. This step is particularly fun, do not hesitate to do it frankly. Put everything in a bowl.

2. Empty the seeds from the chili, and then cut it into small pieces. Add the pieces to the bowl.

3. Crush the garlic cloves in order to remove the skin more easily, cut them roughly and put them in the preparation.

4. Season with salt, sugar, white sesame oil and vinegar. Mix well and keep in the fridge for at least 2 hours before tasting. A table, c'est Chiou!


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