Mochis! (Asian desert)

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Mochi is one of my favorite Asian desserts :-P But every time I start to eat it I can't stop myself !!!

For the story: about 1,300 years ago, this preparation of Mochi was an indispensable part of festivals and religious offerings. Today, it is still the case and we find it on the large tables of offerings to the deities in the temples of Taiwan.

Here, we like to consume it with peanut or sesame powder, but if you want, you can also garnish it with red bean paste, taro or even matcha.

If you want the mochi paste itself to be a little sweet, I recommend adding a little brown sugar instead of the normal sugar. It is first of all better for the health, and then, it is also better in terms of taste!

Et c'est meilleur quand c'est encore chiou !!!

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1. The night before, wash the 500g of rice well and soak them in the 300 mL of water overnight.

2. The next day, mix finely the rice for a few minutes.

3. In a bowl, prepare the cheesecloth (filtering towel) and pour the preparation into it. The idea is to remove the excess water in the rice, so if you do not have this special cloth, it does not matter, you can do it with a normal clean cloth, you just have to squeeze very hard to get all the water out. You need to get a fairly sandy and consistent dough. Be careful, however, that the dough is not too dry. This step is important because if the dough is too dry, then your Mochis will quickly harden. On the contrary, if the dough is too full of water, then the Mochis will not hold in place and will be impossible to fill.

4. Then, while you are boiling water, take a tenth of the dough and shape it into small balls. Oil a saucepan to put the dough in later. Cook the small balls in boiling water for 4 minutes, before mixing them with the rest of the dough.

5. Add the oil before mixing well by hand. The small cooked balls allow the dough to become very homogeneous and a little elastic.

6. Then, once the dough is well mixed, steam it for 30 minutes.

7. Meanwhile, prepare the peanut powder and sesame powder by mixing them in small bowls with sugar.

8. Once the Mochi paste is cooked, you can start stuffing them! But be careful not to burn yourself. Take a small portion of Mochi, flatten it in your hand, then stuff it with a portion of pre-prepared sweet powder. Close each end well and roll it in both hands to form a nice ball. Before serving, roll the Mochis in the powdered plate. A table c'est Chiou !

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