Tornado omelette rice (Korean street food)

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After many attempts of making Tornado Omelette Rice, I came up with a few tips and I'm so excited to share them with you all today!

Tornado Omelette is a trendy street food from Korea, and the stores always have never ending queues everyday! This tutorial video also includes the recipe of making quick Japanese curry sauce to compliment the tornado omelette nicely. This is one of my favorite comfort food to make!

Even with all the tips and techniques in making tornado omelette, I must say, practice makes perfect! I tried many different combinations, such as adding water, 3 yolks and 2 egg whites, adding vinegar, straining etc. Some worked and some didn't. I hope you will have fun making your tornado omelette with me too!

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1. Curry sauce

• Season minced beef with some salt and grounded black pepper

• Finely dice carrot, yellow onion, garlic and mushroom

• Heat up 1 tbs of oil in a pot, then add minced beef, allow to brown. It’s fine if they stick a little.

• Cook these ingredients for 2 mins each, in this order: onion, then carrot & garlic, and finally mushroom.

• Add water. You can add 350ml first, and if the curry gets too thick later, add another 50ml or so.

• Simmer for 15 mins, then add 2 servings of curry roux block. Stir well, simmer for another 15 mins, add extra water or season if needed and it’s done! Reheat before serving.

• (Optional) You can use some of these: Worcestershire sauce, ketchup, Japanese soy sauce, sugar, honey and grated apple to compose the right balance for your sauce. I used Java brand (hot), so I added 1tbs soy sauce, 1tbs Worcestershire sauce, 1 tbs ketchup and 1 tbs sugar to my sauce.

2. Tips

- Use a good non-stick 20cm frying pan

- Use very fresh eggs, at room temperature. Old eggs are too watery

- Practice using chopsticks to grab and rotate the imaginary eggs while moving the pan

- Use chopsticks to grab at 45˚ then raise to 90˚, right hand turns the eggs while left hand moves the pan slightly to left & right

- Use a small burner with medium heat for small pan

- Whisk 3 eggs well, then strain to smoothen. Spoon out smaller bubbles.

- Be gentle but also pretty quick to turn the eggs, otherwise it will be hardened and impossible to turn.

3. Rice

• In a deep plate, shape hot rice like a volcano

4. Tornado Omelette

• Add 1 tbs of oil, brush the oil on the edge of the pan as well

• Use medium heat, move pan and oil around to heat up evenly

• When the pan gets to medium hot, pour the eggs mixture in, let it set for a few seconds

• Once the edge of the eggs turns white, grab and turn gently. Once the inner circle is formed, use the resistance in the cooked eggs to turn more rounds. The more layers you could make, the more beautiful it will look later.

• Use the other hand to move the pan, also tilt to redistribute and cook the remaining runny eggs.

• Keep the chopsticks in the eggs and use them to help placing the eggs nicely on top of the rice. Remove gently.

• Add a lot of curry sauce around the eggs and enjoy!

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