Popcorn chicken with Kimchi mayo sauce

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Once you take the first bite, you can never stop! Popcorn Chicken has to be CRISPY outside & JUICY inside. Of course, flavor can't be compromised as well! With a good marinade, you will enjoy one of the best popcorn chicken at home!

Popcorn Chicken is truly one of my favorite snack! It is highly addictive, and can be eaten almost any time of the day.

I like to add nori & sesame seeds sprinkle in popcorn chicken to enhance the flavor. With the kimchi mayo sauce, it helps to balance the saltiness and savory taste from the popcorn chicken so that it is a party of flavours in your mouth!

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chicken and marinate






- I used chicken thighs with skin on, but you can use chicken tenders or breast as well.

- All mayo and kimchi have different level of salt, sugar and acidity. My kimchi was very sour, so I had to add a little more sugar. Because of the differences, make sure to use lesser, so that you can taste and adjust to your own taste bud!

- Caramelising kimchi helps to tone down the funky smell and takes the raw taste off. Plus, who doesn’t love anything caramelised?

1. Marinating chicken:

- Cut chicken into bite-sized cubes, then add other ingredients

- Mix well and refrigerate for 1 hour

2. Dipping sauce:

- In a small pan, add 1tbs of oil.

- Add finely chopped kimchi and fry until caramelized

- Add sugar and kimchi juice. Reduce and allow the mixture to cool down before mixing other ingredients in.

- In a bowl, combine all ingredients, then taste and add more sugar/salt/lime if needed. The tanginess and umami of kimchi should come first, with just a little bit of sweetness to balance things up.

3. Sprinkles

- Use tongs to toast nori seaweed under the lowest flame until crispy

- Toast sesame seeds in a small pan until lightly golden

- Blend both into fine powder and set aside

4. Frying

- On a large tray, add 7 tbs of tapioca starch

- Drop chicken cubes and coat well. Make sure they don’t clump together.

- Rest for 10 mins

- Heat oil in a wok under medium heat, use chopstick to test the oil. Bubbles = ready.

- Drop chicken pieces into oil. Shake off excess starch if necessary

- Remove once the cubes are lightly golden

- Skim the small bits if needed, then bring to medium high heat for 1-2 mins

- Double fry the chicken for extra crisp

- Remove once golden brown

- Immediately toss the sprinkles together with the chicken in a large bowl

- Serve immediately. Enjoy with kimchi mayo and I strongly advice to grab a bottle of ice cold beer! Cheeeeers!


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