Sour fish salad (Koy Pa)

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A good menu for lunch is this Sour fish salad (Koy Pa). The sour taste of the lemon combined with chili and herbs makes it really fresh and delicious.



Step 1: Slice fish with skin on in cubes of about 2 cm size. Then mix with lime juice in the bowl and leave for 15 minutes.

Step 2: Have water boiling with salt. Before adding fish, squeeze the lime juice from the fish. Then cook fish about 2-3 minutes. Then let it be cool in the big bowl.

Step 3: After the fish gets cool as a room temperature. Add fish sauce, MSG, lime juice (1 tbsp first), garlic, red shallots and mix gently. Then add roasted rice powder, chili, and all herbs. Mix gently again. Taste it and serve with sticky rice! Zap!

Tips: to make fish not broken when it is boiling, marinate the fish with lime juice first. You should taste the fish before adding more lime juice when mixing the salad.


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