Jeow Som and Jeow Bee with Wagyu

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I love eating wagyu steaks with my favorite Lao dips: jeow som and jeow bee! Do you have a favorite sauce for steaks? The wagyu is from @pursuitfarms your cuts are so delicious! This video goes into how I like to cook ribs, steaks, and how to make the delicious Lao dips that pair well with the meats.

Credit FB Saeng Douangdara, YT Lao Food at Saeng’s Kitchen



Jeow Som

Jeow Bee

Wagyu Rib

Wagyu Steak


Jeow Som

1. In a mortar and pestle, add the garlic then smash

2. Add peppers and smash

3. Add cilantro stems and smash

4. Add sugar, fish sauce, lime, and cilantro leaves then mix

5. Taste and adjust

Jeow Bee

1. In a bowl, add the dry ingredients: crushed pepper, khao kua, msg, and mix

2. Then add wet ingredients, padake, fish sauce, beef bile and mix

3. Then add the herbs: green onion and cilantro then mix

4. Add water to dilute and loosen

5. Taste and adjust

Wagyu Rib Sous Vide Method

1. Take out the meat and sit outside for 45 mins

2. Pat the meat dry

3. Salt and pepper all sides and rest for 10 mins

4. Vacuum seal the meat and get the sous vide machine ready

5. 3 inch beef rib. Cook at medium 135F or medium rare 131F for 4 hours in sous vide. Additional hour if larger cut.

6. Remove from the bag and pat dry

7. Flamethrower or hot grill both sides for a few seconds

8. Cut the meat off the bones and cut across the grain

Wagyu Ribeye Steak Seared in Cast Iron

1. Take 1 inch steak out of fridge and sit at room temp for 15 mins

2. Dry the steak with a paper towel

3. Salt and pepper the steak and sit for 10 mins

4. Cook outside – Heat the cast iron until drips of water dance on the pan.

5. Add a drizzle of neutral oil (vegetable oi) and wait for it to heat

6. Sear steak for 2-½ minutes without moving it

7. Flip and cook other side for 2 minutes then add smashed garlic and lemongrass and baste for the last 30 seconds and remove the garlic and lemongrass

8. Use a tong and sear the sides

9. Take off, wrap in foil, and rest for 10 mins

10. Slice across the grain


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