Sai Oua - Lao Sausage

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Sai Oua Lao sausage is packed with exciting flavors that no other sausage can compare to. It comes with all the essential Lao ingredients packed into fatty pork goodness. There will be blasts of lemongrass, galangal, and plenty of umami from the padaek. The process is a labor of love but once you finish, it will be well worth every bite. Deep frying the pieces will make it unstoppable.

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1. Grind pork belly then place both ground pork and fat in the freezer while preparing other ingredients.

2. Rinse salt off the casing with warm water and then let it sit in warm water for 90 mins.

3. In a mixer bowl, add galangal, lemongrass, shallots, green onion, cilantro, sticky rice, lime leaves, garlic cloves, bird eye chili, oyster sauce, salt, sugar, black pepper, padaek, and fish sauce then mix until sticky for 3-5 mins. Place mixture in the freezer while preparing the casing.

4. Rinse inside of the casing and prepare stuffer.

5. Put casing on the tube and leave 3 inches at the end for tying

6. Add pork filling to the top and slowly push it through the machine while holding the casing as it fills up

7. After the casing is filled, tie both ends

8. Cook in an air fryer for 10 mins each side at 400F and flip. Let it rest for 5 mins then cut. Or cook it in the oven for 20-30 mins at 400F and broil for 4-5 mins.

Note: pork casing can be found at Asian supermarkets or you can search sausage casing on Amazon.

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