Tofu balls with three cups sauce

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Hi everyone,

Today, I present to you the tofu balls with three cups sauce. It was my mom's favorite vegetarian dish when I was little. Since there are a lot of subscribers who are vegetarians and vegans, I wanted to share with you this flavor of my childhood.

For people who eat meat, this dish will please you too. Because the tofu balls are made with sautéed mushrooms and the three-cup sauce, it makes the balls irresistible!

For the three-cup sauce, it is one of the sauces that is often used in Asia. Three cups is one cup of soy sauce, one cup of rice alcohol, and one cup of black sesame oil, and basil is added all the time to finish the dish.

PS: remember not to add oil when you sauté the mushrooms, it will allow them to release all their flavor!



For Sauce


1. Take a cheesecloth bag or a tea towel, and start by wringing out the tofu as much as possible. All the water must come out.

2. Then take a piece of carrot and cut it very finely, then take the peppers and cut them into cubes.

3. Also take the mushrooms and cut them into small pieces.

4. In a frying pan, brown the mushrooms without oil. Once browned, add oil and sauté the carrots.

5. After a few minutes, add the tofu and mix well together while adding flour. Make balls with this dough you have just made.

6. In a hot pan, pour the black sesame oil and cook the meatballs in it. Add the ginger and garlic for more flavor.

7. After a while, add the peppers, then add the soy sauce, rice alcohol and water. Simmer for 3 minutes, don't forget to season with salt and sugar.

8. Finally, add the rest of the flour mixed with cold water to thicken the sauce. Add the basil before serving.

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