Steamed frog with herbs Lao style

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We eat frog is Laos, especially in the rural area. This menu, steamed frog with herbs is one of the traditional dish.The aroma from herbs and wrapping with banana leaves makes this dish is so flavorful. Serving with hot sticky rice is a must.




1. Use a mortar and pestle to finely pound lemongrass, red shallot, fresh chili, galangal, and salt.

2. Then add to the bowl of cleaned frog, then add kaffir lime leave, rice-paddy-herb, green onion. Seasoning with fish sauce. Mix them together and marinate about 30 mns.

3. Dry banana leaves outdoor until it's soft. Then cut them about A4 paper size. (How to wrap is putting banana leaves 2-3 layers, then add the marinated frog on the banana leaves, close it and tie with bamboo rope). In order to get more aroma when steaming, do not forget to insert the piece of smashed lemongrass inside before closing.

4. Bring to steam about 30mns. Open it and serve with sticky rice. Zap :)


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