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Nem Khao (Nem Thadeua)

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Nem Khao (Nem Thadeua) is a classic menu. It looks like a complicated dish to make but not at all. I got the secret recipe from my friend´s sister to share below.



Step 1. Add steamed rice with shredded coconut, salt, MSG, sugar, Knorr powder, paprika powder, and eggs in a big bowl and mix very well. Taste first, then make rice balls a bit less than table tennis balls size.

Step 2. Deep fry with medium hot oil until the rice balls become dark brown. Keep frying then let the balls cool down to room temperature. After that, put all the rice into a big bowl and break them by hands.

Step 3. Add sour pork, roasted peanuts, spring onions, coriander, and culantro. And mix all very well.

Step 4. To make the sauce: caramelize sugar and add water and tamarind paste, salt, fish sauce. Keep boiling until the sugar and the tamarind paste melt. Then add chopped garlic and chili while it is still hot. Let it cool and add a table spoon of roasted peanuts. Taste and correct it as you like, more sweet or more sour.

Step 5. Serve the rice with all the washed vegetable as a side dish and the sauce.

How to wrap: take one salad leave, add a bit of all vegetables, add one spoon of rice, chili and wrap together. Then dip in the sauce and have a yummy bite. Zap!


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