Lao bamboo shoot soup

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4 people · Medium · 90 min · Cheap

There are many types of bamboo in Laos. this type of bamboo is called Nor Xord. This is very traditional forest bamboo Lao style soup cooked at the farm in the suburb of Laos.




1. Peel the bamboo and cut only soft and white part. Clean the bamboo with water.

2. Bring it to boil about 1 hour and change the water 2 times to remove the bitter taste.

3. Have another large pot, add Bai Ya Nang leave extract and the cooked bamboo.

4. Pound finely Khao Beua, and add it to the pot

5. Then add sponge gourd, mix mushrooms, roasted chili, pumpkin, and turkey berry. Seasoning with fermented fish sauce, salt, and MSG (MSG is optional)

6. Keep it boiled and cooked about 30 mns. Finally, add rice paddy herbs, mix them together, adjust the taste and serve. Zap :)


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