Easy clams recipe - Salt baked clams

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Looking for an easy way to cook clams? Try Salt Baked Clams! It is very simple but it is the best way to preserve the natural sweet juice from each clam. One can easily bake, grill, steam clams but this is my most preferred way to cook fresh clams. I love to be able to taste the natural sweetness of the clams and this method of salt bake is perfect! Salt grains conduct and distribute heat evenly, so the clams will be cooked quick and stay very juicy. You will have the tender clam meat, yet very juicy and delicious!

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- Always use fresh clams.

- You can check the clams using these methods: tapping two clams againts each other, hollow sound means bad. Or, press the shells together, if they can’t close tightly means it’s bad as well.

- You can soak with/without sea salt. Sea salt will help the clam to clean quicker. Don’t use too much salt though, otherwise they will be very salty when cooked.

- If you have extra time, you can de-salt them by soaking in cold water for another 30 mins.

- If you don’t have a glass lid, listen to the sound. When the clam is cooked, the top shell will be released and you will hear a small “click”. Or, just move the lid a tiny bit and peak to check after 3 mins.


- In a deep pot, add 2 liters of cold water.

- Add 1 tbs of sea salt and cut 2 chilies. Stir well to dissolve.

- Add clams and soak for minimum 30 mins to 2 hours.

- Rinse well before cooking.

- In a wok/pan under medium high heat, add salt.

- Stir for 2-3 mins to heat up evenly.

- Flatten the surface of the salt then lay the clams flat.

- Make sure not to bury the bottom shell entirely in salt.

- Close the lid and don’t open until they are cooked.

- Move pan to distribute heat evenly if necessary.

- When the top shell are fully released, it’s cooked!

- Plating: make a bed of used salt to lay the clams on.

- Enjoy with your favorite sauce, or simply with a squeeze of lime/lemon!

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