Sour fruits with spicy sauce - Lao snack

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1 bowl · Easy · 20 min · Cheap

In Laos, we like eating sour fruits for snack. There are many fruit and many type of sauce. This sauce is one of the basic and popular one. So good :)



Sour fruits

For the sauce


1. Clean all the fruit with water. Then slice them into bite sized pieces as you prefer.

2. Prepare the sauce:

- Roast dried chili in a pan until it becomes brown.

- Pour chili into the mortar, add garlic and pound finely.

- Then add chili and garlic into the sauce pot, add sugar, salt, msg, water, and fermented fish sauce. Bring to boil about 10mns or until the sauce reduce to thick texture as you prefer. (you can always add more sugar if needed)

- Let it cool, and transfer to a small bowl. Take the fruits to dip. Yummy !


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