Lao field snails stew with herbs - Orm-Hoi

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4 people · Medium · 40 min · Cheap

Orm-Hoi is a snail stew with herbs, cooked the traditional Lao way. So delicious!




1. In a wok, heat the oil , then add sliced garlic and red shallots. Stir fry until light yellow.

2. Add the sliced lemongrass and chili. Season with salt and MSG. Keep stirring until getting aroma and golden brown.

3. Add snails, fermented fish sauce, khao beua, kaffir-lime leaves. Then stir fry well together.

4. Add water and cover with a lid, cooking about 20 minutes (stir occasionally).

5. Adjust the seasoning and add rooted betel leaves. Serve! Zap!


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