Small fish stew with sour bamboo Lao countryside

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2 people · Easy · 30 min · Cheap

In Laos, mostly we get this kind of small fish from rice fields and small rivers. Today I have some leftover in the fridge, so I will make a stew with sour bamboo. The secrete ingredients here are fresh green 'mak khaen', ginger leaves, and basil (dark red flowers type or phak-e-too-dork lair).




1. Grill fresh chili first.

2. In a pot, add water about 1 bowl, bring to boil, Then add salt, lemongrass, sour bamboo, and small fish. After that, add slices of grilled chili.

3. Pound fresh green mak khaen in a mortar. Pour into the boiling pot, mix them together. Cook about 15 minutes. Add MSG and adjust the taste.

4. Add all sliced green herbs. Turn of the heat and serve :-)


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