Dragonfruit honey oolong tea

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1 glass · Easy · 10 min · Cheap

She’s beautiful hihihi 😁!



1. Soak the oolong tea in hot water for 5 to 7 minutes. Filter the tea out and let it cool.

2. Cut each dragonfruit in half, peel and cut one half in cubes. Smash the other half in two separate bowls.

3. In a 16 oz glass, add 2 tbsp of Yuzu tea, 2 tbsp of yellow smashed dragonfruit, 5 oz crushed ice, 5 oz oolong tea and 2 tbsp of red dragonfruit smashed. Garnish with cubes of dragonfruits and ENJOY 😊 !


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Wow this looks delicious 😋
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