Grilled bananas and sweet potatoes coconut milk

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1 plate · Medium · 30 min · Cheap

Grilled bananas and sweet potatoes with coconut milk became one of my favorite dessert. The authentic smooth taste of this dessert never gets boring, especially eating it during the winter season!




1. Peel only bananas and put them on the grill on low fire. Grill also the sweet potatoes together without peeling them. Flip them often.

2. While cooking the bananas and sweet potatoes, we can prepare the coconut milk: put a sauce pan on low heat, add coconut milk, sugar, salt, and pandan leaves. No rush for this step! Keep stirring until the sugar is dissolved, then add the young coconut meat and turn off the heat. Let it cool down.

3. Take out the bananas, cut them into small pieces and smash them. Peel the sweet potatoes.

4. Put bananas and sweet potatoes on a plate, pour the coconut milk on top. Enjoy! Zap :)

Note: some people like to dry the bananas in the sun one day before grilling, to make them sweeter.

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