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Chicken Salad (Xoup Kai)

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4 people · Medium · 60 min · Average

Chicken Salad (Xoup Kai) is another Lao traditional local dish. So simple, so flavorful, and so good. See the recipe below.



Step 1. Put the water to the big pot, add salt, ginger, and the bashed lemongrass, let it boil.

Step 2. Cut the chicken into half and put in the hot pot, until cook and take it out and let it cool.

Step 3. Roast garlic, red onions, and chili until soft and brown, then mash them together with a pinch of salt and 1 slice of fresh ginger.

Step4. Tear the chicken meat into small piece from the bones ( by hand tastes better) and put in the big bowl

Step 5. Add mashed garlic, red onions, chili and ginger. Then add fish sauce, soy seasoning sauce, lime juice and also add 5 table spoon of chicken soup. Then mix everything and taste it.

Step 6. Add Roasted rice powder and coriander, culantro, and green onions slices and mix gently.

It’s ready to serve with sticky rice or steam rice is good too.


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