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How to make bean sprouts at home

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1 bowl · Easy · 5 min · Cheap

Did you know that you can grow bean sprout at home? It is very easy, fresh, and cheap.



1. Soak dried green mung beans in a bowl water during one night.

2. Prepare a steam pot to grow them:

- Put one sheet of kitchen paper towel in the steam pot, add soaked beans on the paper towel until full.

- Cover with another kitchen paper towel, and add again soaked mung beans like on the first layer.

- Repeat this until you have added all the beans. It can be about 5 to 6 layers. Cover the last layer.

- Pour water all over the paper towels, then cover with the steam pot lid. Cover the steam pot with a towel again to make sure no light can go inside, otherwise the bean sprouts will have green leaves.

3. Pour water about 3 times per day (1/2 cup per time).

4. After 3-4 days, take the bean sprouts out of the towels, put them in a big bowl to rinse and remove the shell. Ready for cooking!

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