Meatball dipping sauce Lao homemade

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Hello, today we are going to make homemade dipping sauce for meatball. Let's start!




1. Roast the dried chili with a pinch of salt until golden brown and crispy. Then pound it finely.

2. Boil 1.5L of water in a pot with tamarind paste. Keep boiling until the tamarind is dissolved. Then filter and keep only the tamarind juice.

3. Chop the tomatoes.

4. Transfer the tamarind juice to the pot again, cook it with low heat. Add salt, fish sauce, sugar, garlic, tomato, and grounded roasted chili. Keep boiling for about 15 minutes (add a bit of water if needed).

5. Dissolve the tapioca starch with cold water in a bowl, then add to the sauce pot, stir often until it's thick as you like.

6. Adjust the seasoning, add roasted chili to make it more spicy. Then leave the sauce to cool down.

7. Make deep fried meatballs and hotdogs. Transfer to a plate, pour the sauce, sprinkle with crushed roasted peanuts (and sliced or culantro if you like). Enjoy!

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