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Stir Fried spaghetti beef and Holy Basil leaves

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Stir Fried spaghetti beef and Holy Basil leaves is very easy to make. Try this delicious spaghetti menu with Asian taste by following the recipe below.



Step 1. Cook the spaghetti and mix them with a bit of oil, leave them in separated bowl.

Step 2. Fry garlic with the oil until it becomes yellow, add the beef, seasoning with oyster sauce, thin soy sauce, sugar, Knorr powder. When the meat is cooked, add long beans, dry chili, and onions. Keep stir frying for about 1 minute.

Step 3. Add the spaghetti, make a quick stir fry with very high heat, stir until everything is mixed together, then add Thaï basil and stir one more time. Taste it and serve it. Zap!


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