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Stir Fried drunken noodles

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2 people · Easy · 20 min · Cheap

Stir Fried drunken noodles is super flavorful dish because there are lots of herbs and ingredients. It's hot and spicy but really tasty !!. You do not need to trust me, just try this recipe.



Step 1. Cook Wai Wai noodles for about 1 minute and leave them.

Step 2. Add oil to the wok, then add garlic and chili, stir fry until yellow, then add pork. Add seasoning with oyster sauce, Wai Wai seasoning powder, thin soy sauce and sugar. Add eggs, carrots, yellow onions, Chinese broccoli and Kaffir lime leaves. Stir fry until the pork and vegetables are cooked.

Step 3. Add Holy basil, stir quickly and taste. Ready to serve. Zap!


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