Crispy pork skin chili sauce

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2 people · Medium · 30 min · Cheap

If you are planing to lose your weight, please skip this recipe because Crispy pork skin chili sauce is so rich and heavy, but of course it is so delicious!



Step 1. Cut the pork fat about inch size, put them in the pot and pour water just to cover the pork fat. Heating until they become yellow crispy pork.

Step 2. Stir fry chili until it brings aroma then use mortar and pestle to pound finely.

Step 3. Roast red shallot and garlic together until they are cooked.

Step 4. Add roasted red shallot, garlic, and shrimp paste in the mortar that there is chili. Pound them roughly together. Then stir fry them with the hot oil in the pan.

Step 5. Seasoning by fish sauce, palm sugar, concentrate cooking tamarind. Taste it as you like, then add crispy pork and mix them quick. And ready to serve. Zap!


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