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Tum Mak Thoua (Long green beans spicy salad)

(1 vote) • by Kimmi Kim

1 people · Easy · 10 min · Cheap

Menu for lunch today is Tum Mak Thoua (Long green beans spicy salad). The crunchy of green beans and taste of lime, sugar, and Padek makes perfect dish.



Step 1. Use a mortar and pestle to pound chili, garlic, shrimp paste, MSG and sugar.

Step 2. Add long green beans and pound it roughly.

Step 3. Then add cherries tomato, squeezed lime juice, fermented fish sauce (padek) and fish sauce, and gently pound all together. Taste it and rectify as you like. Serve with crispy fried pork skin. Zap :)

Tip: you can always add more or less of chili, sugar, or fish sauce.

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