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Vermicelli noodle seafood salad

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Let's make a late afternoon snack with this vermicelli noodle seafood salad, and follow recipe below:



1. Soft boiled vermicelli, cabbage, morning glory and seafood about 3-5mns. Then take them out and put immediately to the ice water to make the vegetable green and crunchy. Then remove the water.

2. Use a mortar and pestle to roughly pound chili+ garlic+shrimp paste-kapi+crab paste+sugar+msg. Then add fermented fish sauce+tomato+and squeeze lime.

3. Pour noodle + vegetable+ and seafood into a mortar, and use a pestle and spoon to gently mix everything together. Taste as you like. Add roasted peanuts on top before serving. Zap!


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