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Banana flower salad

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2 people · Medium · 30 min · Cheap

Banana flower salad is one of the oldest menu in Laos. Today I have my mom's recipe to share with everyone. See how to cook below:



1. Prepare banana flower, make thin sliced and soak in the water (Add 1 tbsp of lime juice). leave it about 10mn before mixing salad.

2. Prepare the Yellow-Fruit-nightshade, remove all the seeds, make thin slices and soak in the water (Add 1tsp of salt). leave it about 10mn before mixing salad.

3. Remove banana flower slices and Yellow-Fruit-nightshade from the water and squeeze out the water. Put them in a big bowl.

4. Pound garlic and chili roughly and put them in a big bowl of banana flower

5. Add fish sauce,msg, salt, roasted sesame, green onion, coriander, and culantro. Mix them together by hands. Taste it and serve. Zap!


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