Fried spring rolls

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4 people · Medium · 40 min · Average

Fried spring rolls is origin from Vietnam and came to Laos and everywhere in the world. Many people can make it but some cannot. So follow this recipe and enjoy your homemade ones :)



1. Use a big bowl to mix everything together: minced pork, shredded cabbage, shredded carrots, shredded potatoes, thin slices of ear mushrooms, vermicelli, bean sprouts, eggs, garlic, red shallots. Add seasoning with soy sauce, seasoning powder, sugar, oyster sauce and 1 spoon of oil. Mix well together and taste by taking one spoon to the microwave (don't use a metallic spoon in the microwave).

2. Use spring rolls rice wrapper (for some types, you will need to put them in water before rolling, to make them soft, read the instruction on the packaging), put the wrapper down on a flat surface, then use a spoon to put the meat that you mixed on top. Wrap by folding the left side, the right side, and roll until the spring roll is closed.

3. Heat oil at medium heat, add the rolls and fry them until you get a brown color. Take them out and serve immediately with spring roll sauce.


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