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Stir fried sour pork with egg (Khua Som Mou sai Khai)

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2 people · Easy · 10 min · Cheap

My friend introduced this recipe to me five years ago, since then the Stir fried sour pork with egg (or Khua Som Mou sai Khai in Lao language) is my favorite dish! Must eat with warm sticky rice!



1. Put oil to a pan, when it's hot add chopped garlic, red shallot and chili. Stir fry until it becomes yellow.

2. Add Sour Pork (Som Moo), add seasoning with fish sauce, sugar, and thin soy sauce.

3. Add the eggs and green onion, stir quickly for about 30 seconds more, then taste and serve with sticky rice. Zap!


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