Zucchini Gratin

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2 people · Easy · 40 min · Cheap

Zucchini Gratin is good for family dinner especially if your kids do not like eating vegetables. They might like this menu because the texture of Zucchini is very well combined with cheese. So they don't feel like they are eating vegetables.




1. With the low heat, add olive oil into a pan, when it starts to be hot, add zucchini and garlic, seasoning with salt. when zucchini become soft and clear color, add 1 small bowl of milk. Cook with low heat until you see the zucchini cooked. Then add flour. stir until it's mixed together (Almost turning to the paste).

2. Transfer zucchini to the plate (or bowl) that can be used with the oven, Topping all over with grated cheese.

3. Set the oven temperature to 180 Degree Celsius (bake mode). Put the gratin bowl in the middle rack and cook about 20-30 mns, or check until the top cheese part is brown.

4. Remove from the oven and serve with Ham or fish steak.

Be careful: The gratin is very hot.


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