Beef with Padek sauce

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Most authentic Lao food has Padek as the main seasoning sauce. Beef with Padek sauce is popular and delicious. It goes very well served with sticky rice or steamed rice.



1. Stir fry red shallots with garlic and lemongrass until you can smell their aroma. Add beef with kaffir lime leaves, salt and eggplants. Stir together and add Padek (fermented fish sauce) for the flavour. Stir fry until it becomes almost dry, then add water, the level should be just above the meat. Reduce to low heat and cover, let it simmer for about 30 minutes.

2. Then take the meat and eggplants out of the pot and pound gently in a mortar. Taste it, add green onions and coriander and mix with a spoon. Then put all in a plate to serve with steamed jasmine rice or sticky rice. Zap!


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