Eggplant sauce (Lao style)

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4 people · Easy · 30 min · Cheap

This Eggplant sauce is an authentic dish in Laos. It can go as a side dish with Lao food on the table. The perfect combination is to eat it with sticky rice.



1. Grill the red shallots with garlic, chili and eggplants on slow to medium heat until they are soft and get a bit burned on the skin, which means they are cooked.

2. Peel the red shallots, garlic and eggplants and leave them on a plate.

3. Use a mortar and pestle to finely pound the red shallots with the garlic and chili first. The add salt, sugar and MSG. Then add eggplants (cut it small pieces) and smash it roughly. Add seasoning with fish sauce and mix well together. Finally, add some sliced coriander and green onions. Use a spoon to mix together. Taste it and serve with sticky rice and steamed beef jerky. Zap!


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