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Khao laeng feun zap Meuang Sing

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This is an original recipe! The owner is from Meuang Sing in Luangnamtha. The noodles 🍜 are freshly made everyday without preservatives. The fermented beans and banana leaves are directly from Meuang Sing. The owner started 3 years ago, selling online until it became popular, then he opened the restaurant.

Recommended menu: khao soi num, khao laeng feun korn, khao aeb keua Meuang Sing

  • ຖ້າມາແຕ່ທາງຕະຫຼາດສີໄຄແມ່ນກາຍຕະຫຼາດມາປະມານ 500ແມັດ ຊ້າຍສວຍກັບສີໄຄພາຊ່າ ຢູ່ກົງກັນຂ້າມກັບວັດແກ້ວປ່າ, ບ້ານ ສີໄຄ, Sikhottabong, Vientiane Capital
  • (020) 54 251 533
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  • Open today 08:00 - 17:00
  • Foodpanda


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