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Spicy Joi’s Banh Mi x Lao Street Food

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Since the age of 7, Joi Simmaly has always had a burning passion for food, especially mom’s rustic style Lao comfort food.
But after a combined 15 unfulfilled years in Real Estate and Financial service industry in Silicon Valley, he finally traded in his suits for T-shirts and aprons. He took a risk in 2013 and decided to immerse himself in the food industry working/learning in multiple restaurants simultaneously and later eventually becoming assistant manager and catering manager.
In 2016, he decided to go at it alone doing pop up restaurants, private catering gigs, and sharing his style of Lao food with anyone. He’s been leveraging social media to grow his organic following along with his wife Noelle to nearly 10,000 die hard “Spicy Joi” supporters. Now, his new venture with Rockin Crawfish will allow him to introduce some of his favorite dishes to share with foodies all over the Bay Area. The story of Spicy Joi’s Lao street food continues.

Recommended menu: thum mak houng (papaya salad), ping sai oua (grilled Lao sausage)

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