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Nee Tum Nai Tumnarn

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The owner's name is Ms. Nee. Her small restaurant running by her and family is in front of Lao-American college . This is the popular place for Lao-American students since year 2000 until now. The signature is her food is simply delicious. That's why they call her as the legend of Lao salads.

Recommended menu: tum sohm, phad mee khee mao thalay (drunken stir fried noodle) , khao kard nah moo korb (stir-fried crispy pork and vegetable)

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ແຊບແທ້ ຄອນເຟີມ. ກິນແຕ່ເປັນນັກຮຽນ

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