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Fer Nong Nout Phonphanao

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The signature is the beef broth which is family's recipe plus the soft stew beef and fresh noodle. All of this makes perfect Pho!

Recommended menu: pho ngua (beef noodle soup), fer ngua haeng

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ແຊບເດີ້ເຝີນ້ອງນຸດນິ ຢູ່ໃກ້ບ້ານແດ່ ເລີຍສັ່ງມາກິນເລື້ອຍ😁😁 ເອກະລັກຢູ່ທີ່ນ້ຳຊຸບເດີ້ ແຊບບໍ່ຄືຮ້ານອື່ນ

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