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Harn Pa Keo Khai Mieng

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The original "Mieng Meuang Luang" or "Mieng Kham" is here. Aunty Keo is the owner of this shop which has been opened for more than 40 years 😳. The locals love this place. The signature is the original taste of "Mieng" (rice wraps with lettuce). The owner will wrap them one by one freshly and serve them with crispy fried chili for you. The other recommenede dish is Khua Khao Poun (Luang Prabang stir fried noodles) which can be found only in Luang Prabang. The shop is small, on the road of Luang Prabang Night market.

Recommended menu: khua khao poun, mieng Meuang Luang

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