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Vientian Cafe is a Mom and Pop Lao/Thai/Vietnamese restaurant located in East Oakland, CA. Chanhla Phannavong, founder, loves to cook for her husband and six children. With her love for cooking and hard work came this charming family-run neighborhood restaurant. At its opening in 2002, Vientian Cafe was hailed as the Bay Area's first authentic Laotian Cuisine.
The staple food of Laotians is sticky rice eaten by hand. The most famous Laotian dish is Larb, a spicy mixture of marinated beef or chicken with a variable combination of herbs, greens, and spices. The Beef Larb can be served raw depending on your preference. Another Laotion staple dish is spicy green papaya salad known as Tam Mak Hoong.
Starting in January 2014, Anna Phannavong, the oldest of the family, is taking over the restaurant when Chanhla retired. Anna developed her passion for cooking from her mom.

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